Five Parter:

1.) Is Xanax harmfull to the liver

2.) Due to recent brain surgery and seizures with an extremely high liver and protein levels (ALT) my doctor took me off all Cholestorol meds - I also used to be a heavy drinker but have stopped for 1 month now. I have a sonogram and another blood test in three weeks - my doctor has prescribed me .05 mg 4 times daily as needed.

3.) as a substiute is it safe to take B12 and Fish oil pills with Xanax

4.) The Xanax has really reduced the urge for alcohol - since I'm currently on 2MG per day is it OK to increase that and if so By how much.

5.) Is it OK to take Viagra while using Xanax due to my extremely low Testosterone level

Thanks All!!!