I have been tossed from one antidepressant to another over the last 3 years. I have tried to get off the antidepressants three times. The worst are viibryd and the one i recently stopped (Pristiq). They were are all horible to get off, even by weaning off. The worst is this last one Pristiq, It made me feel depressed and my anxiety was in full effect all the time. My Doc has always accompanied these antidepressants with Alprazolam. Alprazolam is the only thing that really kicks my anxiety. I am currently 15 days with no Pristiq :) I am feeling the brain zaps, very emotional and at times feel like I am going to go crazy .. then I remember to take my xanax.. See my anxiety peeked badly on antidepressants ALL day and night, hence the xanax to help. My Dr does not know that I have stopped the pristiq Yet.
I am very honest with my Dr. I tell him everything. I have trusted him for years and put my life in his hands. I am going to make an appt at 30 days withwout pristiq and just the Alprazolam and see what he says. He wanted me to take 2 mg as needed every 8 hours.. way to much for me. He also knows I dont take the full doses, .5 in the am .5 in the afternoon and 2mg at bed. Some people are not cut out for the compounds in antidepressants! I know he will support me.. hopefully. Either way Xanax has saved me from the ER visit $$$$.