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I been on xanax for over 25 years what is it doing to my body and brain or can do it taken longer?

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pamee 24 Jun 2015

It can cause memory problems as well as depression and if you're elderly some studies have shown it causes dementia and alzheimers. I am curious as to why your doctor kept you on it so long? Have you ever considered antidepressants to treat your anxiety and panic attacks?

scottdenny 25 Jun 2015

I was put on lots of things over the years . nothing is working wright anymore now I take colon pin. this is wrong I called the attorney general, as well as the state mental health and my doc;,s also my senator Pattie rishi . no 1 wants to help me hey keep telling me to go to my doc all iam trying to do is get a mri to see what has gone bad or went bad after 25 years of the same pill and no 1 will help me to get it done so I know what's going on I am 51 now and over 30 years of this is to much I want to see and know what is going on in there my head.

coloresue 26 Jun 2015

Have you tried to get a second opinion? And a third? Klonopin isn't such a bad idea, better than xanax for so long, but you will risk having memory problems and dementia in your later years. When you seek to have a specific test such as an MRI, it can be difficult to convince any professional that you need it. There has to be a good medical reason for it, not just your desire to see if any damage will show on it. By going to a different Dr. you can ask if an MRI is a reasonable test to check for the kind of damage you fear has happened.

When my husband's behavior changed dramatically, his neurologist who didn't see the change couldn't get the MRI authorized because he could only report what changes I saw, which were 2nd hand. We went to a 2nd neurologist and he decided to rule out a brain tumor and that got approved. It was all in the Dr's. approach.

Drs. in general don't like you telling them what tests to run or what drugs to prescribe. If you've been to authorities of various kinds regarding this Dr. you presently see, it's time to move on and see someone else. free discount card

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