I suffer from miner bi-polar called cyclothymic disorder. I have milder symptoms than occur in full-blown bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks and Agoraphobia from the social anxiety. I was on Zoloft 100 mg changed a few times up and down the dose for over 10 years and Xanax .5 as needed which is for me when i know a panic attack is coming or if I am leaving the house. However the xanax is now causing me to be hypo-manic so basically i don't have attacks but i talk non stop. I tried Lexapro instead of zoloft but had heart plapatations so I am going to go back on Zoloft at a higher dose soon when i can get a ride back to doctor currently not on a anxiety med. But What would be good alternatives? Any idea or suggestions are great. I also take Lamicatal for the bipolar even with that the xanax makes me hyper which it never use to up till about 2 years ago. I never take a xanax more then once every few days unless i start a new med or have a very bad week or lots of doctor appointments which is the only time i leave the house. I hope that is enough and not too much info.