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Can Xanax give you amnesia of sexual affairs?

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Stephen Treloar 25 Dec 2017

In high doses it may have an amnesiac effect but that would because you would be virtually unconscious. It is not a typical date rape drug.

Nikkilynn36 27 Dec 2017

I take Xanax 3 times a day everyday and have abuse of Xanax in the past so I have taken a lot at one time. The most I've taking it one time it's probably 8 mg which is considered quite a bit. And there are entire days that I have no recollection of whatsoever. However, if something like sex or someone beating me or something catastrophic like that happened I would probably have flashes of it. But that's only probably. You can absolutely have no recollection of things you have done or things that were done to you or what have you. I speak from personal experience but I also have a quite extensive family history of my family members abusing Xanax and I have insomnia as well so I have read many many many things on the subject. And I'm not talking about articles. I'm talking about actual research studies that consist of 20 to 30 Pages worth of data. The reason I take Xanax now is because nothing else works and I have severe anxiety and I have overcome the abuse of drugs. I hope this helps you, good luck to you free discount card

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