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Will xanax cause me to gain wt?

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MacIntosh12 12 Jul 2013

Some ppl gain weight from Xanax, but I believe it's because you are not pacing around, all anxious and burning calories, you are able to sit down and relax on this med, which may cause some weight gain. I've not had weight gain from Xanax.
But hold on for more opinions.
Best wishes mytimeisnow,

Inactive 13 Jul 2013

Dear mytimeisnow- I have been on Xanax 1mg (up to 5 per day) for over 4 1/2 yrs. The weight gain is primarily due to Prednisone use (28+yrs) The only time the weight goes down is during Crohns flare up - very sick. Upping my prednisone also ups my weight. So far I can NOT relate weight gain to Xanax. If anything it stays the same, and in a few friends, the Xanax helped them so much, they felt better, not dragged down by negative thoughts, lost a few pounds cause they felt like doing a little more. Perfect example how we all react differently. Good luck, be well as can be...

Anniebananie12 13 Jul 2013

I've been taking Xanax for about three years now, but like ChelleKay, I also take prednisone and have been taking it for about four years. I did gain weight when I first started taking the prednisone, but I did not add to it when I started taking Xanax. After about two years of taking prednisone, I was able to lower my dose per day and lose a significant amount of weight. I take both prescriptions for chronic hives from which I have suffered for over four years. free discount card

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