I have very bad anxiety and have been prescribed Effexor xr. I have been taking it for about 3 months now but I'm starting to notice extreme side effects such as EXTREME migraines and frequent urination (sometimes 3 times in an hour even if I don't drink anything, especially when I am anxious). The Effexor has helped my anxiety in the way of helping me mentally cope with my anxiety.. I have better grades, started meditating and doing yoga and have learned how to cope with my anxiety mentally.. But when it comes to physical side effects such as heart palpitations or being hot then suddenly cold and sweaty palms and feet.. I cannot control it. When it got really bad one day my friend offered me .5 Xanax of hers to see if it would help me and it did. I asked for another a few days later when I was having bad symptoms again and after taking the Xanax I felt so normal and finally calm with no physical effects. I am scared to go to my doctor to ask this question of switching to Xanax instead of Effexor, but I feel like if I took Xanax as needed, I can control my anxiety better and feel better at the same time. Can someone help me with what to say to my doctor?