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Besides xanax, What drug names treat anxiety?

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Inactive 13 Apr 2013

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marjorie zych 14 Apr 2013

Personally I take Thorazine 25mg 3 times a day and 2 at bedtime and I do very well. It is not as bad as it sounds and I get no side affects but everyone is different there I had taken Ativan many times but it doesn't help much anymore because my body got too used of it quickly. Hope this helps and hope you get relief anxiety really is a pain in the back side. Take care and good luck

HereKittyKittyKitty 25 Sep 2016

Gabapentin aka neurontin can help, as it works on Gaba as to benzos. I take 600 mg 3x a day. It goes up to 900 mg 3 Xanax a day but when I was taking that many I felt kind of sick and in a total fog. I've never tried pregabalin aka Lyrica, but it heard it helps as well and is in the same class or drugs (anti convulsants & used to treat neuropathy & anxiety as off label use) I also use vistaril, 50 mg 3x a day for anxiety. I also take Mirtazapine aka remeron at night. However the remeron causes a lot of weight gain. 30 to 45 lbs. I'm currently tapering off of it and trying temazepam and ativan once again. I know I'm building up a tolerance, but I'm not going thru the nightmare that is benzo withdrawal again.
I've tried other things such as buspar, geodon, prozac, those helped slightly at 1st, then not at all. Anxiety is a very difficult thing to treat. free discount card

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