So my doctor prescribed me xanax for anxiety attacks about a year ago. I hardly ever used them, but recently I've been under a lot of stress, I've had a lot of health concerns, I think, and I've been going through a bad break up. And my anxiety seems all over the place and just pops up randomly. So I've been taking xanax more. My worry is dependency, I've only got a .25mg dose, because my doctor didn't want to give me something good too strong, and I've only taken about 3 over the past week, but Ivery heard a lot about xanax, and developing a dependency quickly, so I've been worried about it. Also, I've been prescribed zoloft to take daily, but I haven't started it because I was worried about me getting stuck on it, and the side effect of coming off. Is this drug that bad to take regularly? Any comments or suggestions would be super helpful.