I was diagnosed with " Bilateral Sensorneural Conductive Hearing Loss" severe nerve damage from the ear to the brain. It caused me SEVERE Panic Disorder w/Agoraphobia and Major Depressive Disorder. I took one of my Moms O.5 xanax pills she gave me 8 days ago and its working. My brain is sending me mixed signals. We are still working on finding out why and have a appt with a psychiatrist here soon, to see if this nerve damage caused these disorders, they started at the same time I started getting these blarring fog horn sounds in my ears 24/7. I took my 0.5 ml zanax about 10 days ago and OMG..for the 1st time in 3 yrs I slept, had no attacks which I had up to 6x a day, no depression, little to no mixed brain signals, no suicidal thoughts, I'm starting to get functional, no crazy thoughts, I even went out of the house and socialized again ! :) I still need diagnosed though. Have you ever heard of this Physical and Mental link before ?