I got hit with a bout of bad depression and anxiety and switched from Zoloft to Prozac. That seems to be going okay.
For sleep, I've been given the okay to take Ambien and Xanax and i have been for a about 6 weeks.

Its a double edged sword - I such have high anxiety about not sleeping, and I also have anxiety about addition to Ambien and Xanax. typically 5 mg Ambien (sometimes 7.5) and .37 Xanax.

Trazodone didn't work for me a month back, but my overall anxiety was much higher then. Should I try it again? Am I hooked on the Ambien and Xanax at this point.

My next doctor appointment is May 7 and I will talk about it then. Its a psych Nurse practitioner.

I'd appreciate any supportive comments. I already know the Xanax and Ambien aren't good for me, and I would like to get off of them. But I also want to ensure I can sleep, anybody understand? Thanks in advance for any support.