... hypertension. I started living with my son and his wife about 3 months ago because of a domestic abuse incident with my husband. My son and his wife have demanded that I get off the Xanax as they believe it is the root of all the problems in my life and forced me to sign a contract that I would be off completely in 4 weeks, by 7/31/16 or I will be kicked out of the house and forced to find another place to live. I have contacted by dr to discuss but haven't received a call back yet. I started tapering off by 1/2 mg 3 days ago and I feel so sick to my stomach and panicky, etc. I plan to drop another 1/2 mg by in 2 more days and keep dropping 1/2 mg every 5 days until done. Everything I've read said to drop 1/4 mg to taper off and to take into consideration how long the use, and other chronic conditions and/or factors. I'm a mess and just want to know if someone out there can guide me or support me, etc. This all seems so unreal to me