Hello im Dylan, 10 days ago i hurt my back playing limbo, ive have servere lower back pain for the majority of the week, I seen my GP and had xrays and CT Scans, he said the pain was just the lower back muscles not boths. 3 days ago i went for a bike ride and the next day my pain was increased, my right thigh is also swollen (feels like its filled with fluid) and my transversus abdominus is sore. Pain is minimal when i am seated or at laying down, when i walk my right leg goes numb and pain in my leg and lower back is high. I am starting to get really worried as when i stop taking panadol and iburophen the pain is again increased.
I have googled a variety of symptoms and i dont think its siatic nerve though it may be spinal stenosis, I am only 20 years old and am fit
Please help me, should i consult my doctor again or go to ER?