so yesterday i went swimming and my eyes kind of dried out and then when i was getting ready to shower last night (hours after the dryness started i got a burning sensation before i even got in i guess the steam wasnt helping idk but the burnign is gone now thats not the issue as you can see lol i was reaching for what i thought was visine but it wasnt instead i grabbed a dilating drop called Tropicamide Ophthalmic Solution whcih burned again and irritated my eyes quite a bit but i checked the side effects and it said all the symptoms should pass in 2-4 hrs... its been almost 24 hrs and they are still very dry and irritated cant even go outside even a slight breeze turns them bloodshot and drier than ever my pupils are still huge they are tired and very sensitive to light my dept perception is a little off as well now i can see a little better then yesterday but now my face is sweating and the circles under my eyes are almost raw and my heart is racing i know im not allergic what is happening to me