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What is going wrong if I see blood in my urine?

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DzooBaby 18 Apr 2013

Could be a number of things but urinary tract infection or kidney stones are some of the first to come to mind. Blood in the urine should always be checked out by your Dr.

shelleykay 18 Apr 2013

Anytime you see blood in your urine you need to seek out the Doctor! Usually, there is pain or a burning sensation with this. could be a UTI or bladder infection that will cause cramping if it is a Kidney infection you will have lower back pain. You should seek out medical attention as soon possible leaving unattended it will only become worse.

smileyhappy 18 Apr 2013

Hi Ichale,

Time to go to the doctors for a urinary sample! Sounds like a Uti. The doctor will give you antibiotics for it!

Take care,

happybrandee 18 Apr 2013

I have had blood in my urine before. Actually I have had this happen 5 times since I was 22 years old. The first time it was from a Urinary Tract Infection and I had a Kidney stone at the same time. The next 3 times it was a Kidney infection that was really bad and I had to be hospitalized for over a week but that is because I didn't go to the doctor when I first noticed the blood in my urine. And the last time was just last year when I had another Kidney Infection and 3 kidney stones at the same time!
I am not a doctor or a nurse or anything, but I can tell you from my experience with it that Blood in your urine is not a good thing and it is something that you should get checked out ASAP you don't want to end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics!
Hope you feel better soon!! free discount card

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