HI, i am seventeen years old. i had period two weeks ago but now i am bleeding again from yesterday morning . i had PROTECTED sex after two days my period had stopped . he used a condom, it did not break but for safety i took an emergency contraceptive (progesterone only) pill after 6-7 hours in full stomach ( i went to sleep and ate when i woke up and then took the pill ) . now i am bleeding as it is regular period . could it be the pill?? but i have been taking it for past 6 months and i never had this kind of bleeding between period. i dont use any regular contraceptive as i only have sex once in a month and i take the ECP every time . i dont think its STD/STI as we both are each others first and he is very loyal . is there any possibility that i hurt myself somehow during masturbation? i masturbated before the day i started having this bleeding and i had a cut in my finger which was dried and blood was not oozing . what should i do?? i can not tell my parents and i am from Bangladesh so going to a doctor is the last thing on the list. is there any medicine i can take?