i have come up with my own pain plan. hope I don't have to use it. 4 step plan. 1. talk to gastro(done) there r no anti-inflammatory meds I can take with coumidin. 2. talk to pain dr. (probably wont get any answers. 3. talk to pcp about stopping coumidin (she said she cant ok because I would probably get more. 4. stop taking coumidin (50% chance of getting more clots, or 100% chance of living with unbearable pain for a long time. I have been to 3 pain clinics, all just do injections and ablations. for about 3 yrs. just go around and around. no results. don't want to ask for pain meds because I will just be labeled pill seeker,dr shopper.not going to beg for pain meds(that's not what this is about. any input would be appreciated thanks.