I started taking Microgestin Fe 1/20 about 3 weeks ago. I was told if I started them during the 5 day window of my period, I would be protected immediately. I read online at planned parenthood that this is also the case with most other BC pills. I am engaged, and my fiance and I live together, so we have sex pretty regularly. When I picked up my pills I was told by my pharmacist the information above, that if I start within 5 days of my period I am protected immediately - so I started taking them on the 4th day of my period, and 24-48 hours later I had unprotected sex. I had breakthrough bleeding for about 2 weeks after starting these pills, which indicated to me that they were affecting my hormones and, thus, working. I have not missed a pill. I have 2 days left until I start my placebo pill week. I am not having any symptoms of pregnancy, but some very vague cramping and diarrhea intermittently has me concerned.

Was I given the wrong information?