One day my heart started to feel flip floppy and wouldn't stop. I've always had anxiety about my heart so I figured I was experiencing heart palpitations but this time it was different. It actually started when I felt super sick while walking to work. I stopped in a gas station bathroom and threw up a couple times. After I puked my heart started the flip flop feeling like it wasn't beating in normal sinus rhythm. About 45 minutes later I was in the e.r. getting an EKG and I could still feel my heart doing this. They told me my EKG came back abnormal and they were doing another one. When they did the second one the doctor said it came back normal and they released me from the hospital and basically told me I'm fine. My chest quit doing the flip flop feeling between the 2 EKGs i got. Something I've noticed about myself is in the morning my heart rate is 44 beats per minutes. Is this normal?