When I first found out I had scitsophrenia I was a very athletic very tone built wide solid male but threw my trials off diffrent medicens when i checked in the psychiatric hospital to find witch medicine suetid me best for my condition my body made a dramatic change due to those medicines I lost all of my muscle tone my arms legs and thighs became way smallerand weaker a barely can run anymore so I said maybe its a weight problem and my doctor told me i should get in the gym so since theni over 40 pounds I now weigh 200 im 5 7 and im still very thin body type no where nere as near big as I was when I was 160 before i started taking these medicines I take what's wrong with me I weight lift Everyday and my body still hasn't improved my forearms and legs aren't back normal or anything somebody who no how the body works or fitness expert please help me im 20 years old