About a year ago I was walking down the stairs when I tripped and twisted my ankle pretty badly. I never went into the doctors after that but it was swollen and hurt pretty badly and I could kind of walk on it so I just figured it was a sprain. After about 7 months i went into the doctor and they took X-rays and said he didn't see anything but there could have been more going on but that required a MRI so he just told me to wear a ankle brace and go to pt. I have taken all this advice and done it. It's been 3 months after all of this and my ankle still hurts all the time pretty bad. It's like a dull achy kind of pain on the outside of my ankle. I just don't think it's right for my ankle to still hurt this long after I first hurt it and going to pt and wearing a brace. What else could be wrong with it? Should I go back in and have it checked?