Hi there, I'm left handed and for almost a year now my writing has become harder and more uncomfortable. I've been going to physicians and doctors but scans have revealed no issues. My handwriting is not affected too much, but not knowing what is wrong is seriously affecting my mental and emotional health. The doctors say it's not carpal tunnel or RSI so I've taken to Reddit in desperation.

Writing is very important to me as I've been studying with fast writing for my whole life. It's become so bad that I've been alternating writing with my left and right hand. From what I can tell, it's the nerves or tendons in my wrist and formarm that are stiffening and spazzing, pulling my hand down and away from the writing. It especially happens when drawing letters and curves, my hand stiffens and refuses to do what my mind tells it to do, I have to force it back into writing. The symptoms are not visible to other people as they look at me writing, so it's become frustrating explaining it.

It's hard to explain what's wrong, I hope that's enough. Ask any questions that you have.