... rhematoid arthritis I'm on 60 mg a day ... The disk in back basically exploded on my main nerves in my last part of my back the sacrum I've been having weird vivid dreams too I'm walking a bit better but my nerve block was unsuccessful and my surgeon said until he removed the disk off my nerves the pain won't go away with meds or the nerve block would of helped. I can't sleep 20 hours a day ... So drop this med? What are the side effects if I do? I'm also only 33. I have a long list of mental disorders. I successfully took myself off of them by lowering the doses. I've lost 170 pounds those meds put on me and took classes to keep my bipolar and multi personality PTSD etc under control with breathing, taking breaks, and pressure points. I've been off them for a year. I take care of the developmentally disabled in their homes and was fine until the wreck where I almost went through the windshield of a truck. I am lost at what to do?