Ok so if you have been following me then you know today is WD-day and I am not liking it at all please if anyone knows of anything that I could take to make this day alot easier on me please share. I still have pills left but I am trying to talk myself into flushing them down the toilet. Well let me restate that the person who is holding them has my pills and I am trying to talk myself into having them come over and we flush them together. The way I look at it is that would symbolize the start of my new life but I'm just having touble fighting the devil on my shoulder. So I get up tomorrow at 6 A.M. Well that's if I can sleep but then it's off to the suboxone clinic for a fresh start I am so glad it is finally here I feel like I have made alot of new friends and supporters on here and the last couple of days and if it wasn't for your extra support I don't think I would of made it to this day. I think the power of prayer is amazing you ask for help and the big guy above delivers. Please write back and let me know of what I might be able to take today to help me get to tomorrow and thank you all for the love and support you have shown me. . Uppy1977