Hi! I'm shocked at how many people are getting pain relief from this medicine. I had surgery 3 months ago (triple laminectomy) which failed and now I'm in severe pain in my left buttocks and left leg. I was on MS Contin ER for 1 month and 2 weeks ago I went in for a new EMG which showed several abnormalities in the nerves especially at L5. My new Myleogram and CT scan show a debris at the L5 area that is loose and pressing on the nerve. I can not have a second surgery right now and must put it off for a few month. When I went for the EMG 2 weeks ago the doctor felt I was in too much pain during the test and said that the Opana would work better. I went from 30mg 3 times a day on the MS Contin ER and the OPana was only 5mg 2 times daily. I was worried the dose was too low because I read where it is almost 3 times stronger but going from 90 mg daily to only 10mg daily iwould mean that the Opana is 9 times stronger. I decided to try it and I felt like I took nothing at all and was in so much pain all I could do was cry for 2 days. She then told me to double it and take 10mg twice daily. Helped just a little but I'm still in so much pain so yesterday she switched it 10mg 3 times daily. Again a little better but I'm still at a constant 5-6 pain level. Am I just being a baby? Is my dose too low? Does this medicine just not work for some people? Does anyone take this for nerve pain? I read somewhere the morphine products don't always work well on pain associated with a pinched nerve. I need help, I have too many kids counting on me but my life feels worthless these last three months especially!