my husband is 65 yrs old. Born with scoliocis. His pain is in his lower vertebrae - he has no cushioning between 2 or 3 vertebrae. He's in constant pain & cannot sleep solidly thru the night. He's been given Ambien for sleep & it didn't work. When he's rec'd lortab, he's gotten 7.5 mg & takes 4-6 a day. The PA he sees thinks he's becoming a drug addict. I understand you are not an addict if you take something for PAIN. He does not abuse the lortab & it temporarily eases the pain. It never completely goes away. He doesn't want an epidural as the side effects of that look extremely dangerous. He will not have surgery as he's known 4 people who've had the same & it has been totally unsuccessful. any suggestions? I am beside myself as to how to help him.