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Would you reccommend mupiricon on my two year old who touched an iron?

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DzooBaby 28 Jan 2011

Do you mean Mupirocin (or Bactroban is the brand name)? My literature says to use cautiously on burns because it can cause renal (kidney) toxicity. I would ask your pediatrician what to use. Poor baby! I hope the burn isn't too big or too deep! My idiot of a son just burned his hand really bad-second and third degree burns-by trying to pinch the fuse out of a smoke bomb he had lit in the house! He is sixteen and should know better!!! We used neosporin ointment once the blisters popped. We kept it covered with a gauze bandage and changed it twice a day. I was surprised at how fast he healed! I about died when I came home and saw that he had done that!

caringsonbj 28 Jan 2011

not without a discussion with your two year olds pediatrician, this medication is also called Bactroban, I had to have it applied to a staph infection on me and they were very concerned about having to use it because of the toxicity annd other effects it can have so please not without discussing this with the doctor first, wishing you the best caringson free discount card

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