I found a back ground document that's sympathetic to chronic pain suffers by the National Institute of Health and the National Academy of Sciences-like there are 6 million fibermylogia (or however U spell it) sufferers in the USA. "Relieving Pain in America" I'm readingon this site how so many of you suffer and some have fear. I can't even get a few pills for acute pain when in the ER, because I'm allergic to acetaphmine and Ibuprofin, etc-so ER doctors think that I'm a druggy. Then the AMA patient Advocate has a web site for petitions and phone calls- with the names and numbers of the Super Committee that wantys to cut medical funding-this runs from anybody on Medicaid, private insurance, and military families. It calls for a more equal and higher payment for doctors so that areas without adequate medical care can have doctors-and more availiablity to clinics. I'll send out the Internet adresses for these 2. I figure that through the military and medicare-the DEA already has my name and number. I'll get back to you with the actual addresses.