Now I have NOT been taking tramadol for too long, but for about a week or two i had about 200mgs a day, (some days i wouldn't take as much or even take it at all) then when monday came i decided not to take anymore. I'm currently going through withdrawals, i haven't slept well at all these past couple of days. i have most of the withdrawal symptoms, the only thing that bugs me is not being able to sleep. I was considering taking some more tramadol now just not as much as i use to take (only 100mgs) i thought it might help with my withdrawals, but i'm not too sure it'll even help, or make matters worse. Leave any advice you can offer please. I just want to be able to have normal sleep again, sleep aids aren't working either.

so would taking some tramadol help or is it too late into the withdrawals stages to even help?