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Would methadone and percocet work for severe pain?

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30 Aug 2010

No. Methadone is not to be used with other opiates. It will block the receptors from accepting the oxycodone. If you are on the right dosage of methadone, no other pain control should be needed. Also, methadone is difficult to build a tolerance to so once you find that comfort zone, methadone will take care of your pain quite well for at least 24 hours. It can sneak up on you so give it time before re-dosing. Good luck to you. chris

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how long 31 Aug 2010

Chris, I am also on Methadone and Percocets. Have a Great Day Chris!

christineATU 31 Aug 2010

hey there how long! Nice to hear from you even though I was totally wrong on thequestion. I must have been thinking of Suboxone. But I have heard from many people that if you're on the right dosage of methadone (which lasts 24 hrs! you should rarely need a bt med. Happy to hear you finally have good pain control my friend. Try not to be such a stanger. We all miss your wit and input. Send me a message let me know how things are going. My apologies to the questioner for the misinformation. chris

30 Aug 2010

Actually, Dr's do prescribe other opiates for breakthrough pain to people on Methadone. I have 30mg. oxycodone, (NOT oxycontin) for breakthrough pain and take around 100mg. Methadone a day, and i know of at least 3 other people that take methadone and oxycodone, lortab, for breakthrough also. It's kind of a weird thing, as Methadone is supposed to block other opiates, but there are many people that say that the other meds do help when taken along w/the methadone. I too, though, am of the school that Methadone, in the correct dosage, should be all that is needed, but if you are on a low dose and take enough of another med, it will bypass the methadone and can be helpful. It's been questioned by so many people and there have been so many different answers, even from Dr's, so I had to give this info, as Dr.'s do prescribe other meds along w/methadone. Not to be contradicting my friend Chris, as I agree the methadone should be enough in the right dosage.

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30 Aug 2010

yes,I too know people who are on methadone and take percs for breakkhough pain.taking both together will work but if someone on methadone takes it its more like asprin to them people.cause i take suboxone and percs will do as much as an asprin.

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