Im getting scared reading the withdrawal symptoms from lorazepam and ambien. i have been on Lorazepam 0.5 mg as needed x 1 year. I mean barely lick. I started on 0.5 mg daily as needed since december 2010. For 1 week .25 mg in the am then . 25 mg am before noon. This week last wednesday , taking .25 mg in the am and .25 befoe noon and another .25 mg at 4:00 pm with ambien at 9-10 pm. Im going to be on lorazepam x 3 months in March 2011. I am functional at least but I don't want to be on it for a long time for my anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. Any suggestions on how to taper Lorazepam and Ambien which i started in February 2010? Thank you so much caring friends and people. God bless you.