I am a college student whom started to get anxiety as a senior in highschool(racing heart, thoughts,shortness of breath, etc). My doc prescribed lorazepam to take as needed and it seemed to help. A couple of months ago my anxiety returned and I was put on paxil. It seems to help for the most part, however, I feel "dull." I have tried klonopin before and it seemed to help me. It was especially helpful when I was ready to go to bed(I have trouble sleeping). Has any body had a positive transition from an SSRI to a benzo such as this. If so, how do I address my doctor in switching me over? In addition to my general anxiety I think I might have a bit of a social phobia as well. I tend to "self-medicate" quite generously with alcohol in large social settings with people that I don't know, even with the paxil being in my system. Any thoughts? Thanks