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Would it be a safe bet to try methotrexate before trying humira?

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geekygranny 4 Sep 2011

Yeah, I started that way. But once I was using Humira, WOW! the pain went away much faster and I felt so much better. Better to use the combo instead of MTX alone. I also take sulfasalazine too. Those three really help.

mayonakamochi 4 Oct 2011

I also take methotrexate before I started humira, my athritis pain is not as much of a problem. But unfortunately other issues are coming up for me. But everyone is different, it may work great for you. Im on my 3rd month of humira

tiredofhurting 7 Oct 2011

thanks for your input, i have the rx but i have not taken it yet. i seem to be in a mini remission, i hope it last's. they gave me a small dose 2.5 mg. im just gonna hold out until i get desperate. i heard the results from the methotrexate can take a while, was that your experience?

mayonakamochi 7 Oct 2011

Methotrexate didn't take long for me. I just took my humira shot an hour ago, sorta burned this time for a while. but I'm starting to feel effects from humira, I mainly take it for my crohns disease. Doing ok so far.

margetennyson 6 Aug 2012

Do you mind if I ask what other issues came up with you taking Humira? free discount card

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