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Would hydrocodone/apap 7.5MG/500MG tabs the same strength as a regular vicoden 500MG?

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6 Apr 2010

When your doctor gave you this prescription he/she should have explained this to you. Call the pharmacy where you had your prescription filled and they will be able to tell you. The only thing I know is the apap is caffeine which counteracts the sedation effect of the vicodin. Call the pharmacy before it closes!

cayce2004 7 Apr 2010

I did and all she said was that it was basically a lorcet... I've never even heard of a lorcet...

soccer1926 29 Oct 2011

Lorcet is just another brand name for hydrocodone/APAP (acetaminophen).. The others include Vicodin, lortab and norco. Each of these have different strengths so technically they are not the same but may be close enough for no significant change in therapeutic effect

7 Apr 2010

APAP is an abbreviations for acetaminophen, not caffeine. There are 7.5 mg. of hydrocodone and 500 mg. of acetaminophn. They do not contain caffeine. The 500 denotes the amount of acet. .

7 Apr 2010

hi,wow all these questions about v's today. is raining them some where ? yes 7.5mg hydrocodine/500mg asprin all the same. not too good for chronic pain tuff on the stomach.ok for prn as needed for pain.careful with all meds like this,next thing you know your taking them cause they give you a boost of energy. that's a bad sign.

christineATU 7 Apr 2010

Just got back online satellite interference from the storm!!!

christineATU 7 Apr 2010

At least I can admit when I'm wrong. On this one, yes, I was wrong.

23 May 2013

The 7.5 is the amount of hydrocodone, ie 5 or 10, or 7.5. The /500 part is the Apap or Acetominiphen ... NOT caffeine. So, in answer to your question, 7.5 is stronger than 5, 10 stronger than both. The important thing to know is the Apap (acetominphen) can and does harm your liver. Keep the apap under 4000 mg daily.

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