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Would Cipro cause paralysis in my sons face (only on one side)?

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carolyn17603 11 May 2010

not sure but get him to an er asap. It could be bells palsy or something else seriously wrong

aroost39 11 May 2010

I agree,I was on cipro it shouldnt do that get him to a doc asap!!!

Psyched 12 May 2010

Carolyn is right, that sounds like Bell's palsey. It's acondition that happens suddenly and can afflict anyone. It makes a person's face droop and it looks remarkably like the person has had a stroke. Get your son to the ER as soon as possible so the doctor can diagnose him correctly. Good luck and God bless!

I took Cipro about two years ago for a intestinal infection. During the weeks and months following my treatment I had a moderate to severe pain in my right arm and hand. To this day I have reoccuring pain from head to my toes on on the same side of my body. Although I have not found a way to prove that Cipro was the culprit in my case, a medical doctor suggested the Cipro was responsible for the pain I felt in the first few weeks/months after taking the dose. My research has led me to learn that Cipro is part of the Florquinone family of drugs. Apparently these drugs can have a cumulative negative effect over time. I'm not a doctor, but you may consider not taking Cipro or another drug in this family again. Unfortunately, I haven't read anything very helpful to treat this problem apart from proper nutrition. free discount card

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