None of the doctors I have seen for my back pain have told me to stop or eliminate any of my normal work or play activities. The only thing I was told that if I lost control of my bowels I should come back in or if I decided to have surgery to come back. I don't know if I just have more inflamation in these areas or if they have deteriorated more. It has also started to cause me to feel like my legs aren't as strong as they where three weeks ago.

Here is a summary of my MRI which was taken 12/2009 --significant degenerative disc space narrowing at L3-L4 with circumferential disc protrusion and mild left lateral disc protrusion without nerve root entrapment and degenerative disc space narrowing at L4-L5 with grade I spondylolisthesis due to facet arthropathy. Also a moderate degree of spinal stenosis due to facet hypertrophy, ligatnentum flavum hypertrophy, and disc protrusion and a moderate degree of lateral extension of the disc at this disc level with slight elevation of exiting nerve root on both sides, but greater on the right, suggesting there may be nerve root entrapment and mild central disc protrusion at L5-S1 without appreciable mass effect.

Can anyone offer any advice on what may be causing the increase in pain, numbness and weakness or is this just normal for what I have?

Thanks jlbyrd