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would a dr. actually prescribe a person to take 2 oxycontin(80)along with ultram (50) 4 times a day?

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karandben 17 Aug 2009

It seems DRs would actually prescribe anything they think will work. Do some web checking prior to taking them. Also the pharmisists are usually preatty opinionated ask what they think. I take 40 mg of methadone a day, and 15 of oxycodone twice a day. FOR BREAK THROUGH PAIN (I just read the bottles, sorry if I wrote it wrong last time) Ask the Doc if he is sure that's what he really meant to give you. My Doc is never embarressed to pull out a pharm. book and double check.

navarone38 8 Oct 2011

Of course they would. My doctor was prescribing me 30- 80's a day plus 24- MScontin 60's and 10- 8mg dilaudid plus a bunch more free discount card

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