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Would a 300 miligram gabapentin show up on a hair follicle test that was taken about 20 days ago?

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31 Mar 2011

I HIGHLY doubt it. Especially if it was just a state drug test, when they pull hair they are looking for Illegal Drugs, I have heard that Marijuana can stay in your hair for 7 years, I don't know how much truth there is to that, But as long as you weren't using opiates, especially street Drugs, you should be fine. I know that the Navy does test your Hair and they try to go back as far as possible, but since your a women odds are you have definitely dyed your hair in the past, which would throw the test off, not completely, but it would not be as accurate. And remember if they say they got something on you, and ask you to admit it, DON'T. Because if they had something on you, they would just give you the boot, they want you to bury yourself by talking, so just tell them no, I have no Idea what your talking about, ''Could it be possible your test is wrong'' Becuase I am NOT! lol Good Luck
Hope I was Helpful. NewYorkGuy44.

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31 Mar 2011

If they are looking for it, probably, but as NewYorkGuy said gabapentin is not a controlled substance and most of the time these tests are looking for controlled substances. If you have a script from a Dr for the medicine you should be okay anyway.

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