I am not heavily prone to sinus infections. I may get one every three years or so. Right now, this is the worst one I've had (I'm in my fourth week of dealing with this). I sinuses are still inflamed and I can't breathe through my nose most of the time. I was initially given amoxicillin for ten days and it did absolutely nothing for me. Then the doctor gave me a 5-day Z-pac. I'm on day four and my mucous is still thick and yellow when I blow my nose. I haven't been able to taste food in nearly a month, and now my ears are getting plugged up. Any other recommendations? I'll finish the Z-pac tomorrow, but at this rate, I have absolutely no expectations that this is going to improve in the next day or two. Oh, and I was also prescribed Mucinex-D in conjunction with the Z-pac. I have coughed some, but not much. Any advice or recommendations for other treatment options?