I took .5mg of Alprazolam, 50mg Tylenol, 100mg Tramadol, and most of a 350mg Carisoprodol (soma) because I am both suffering from back pain and anxiety when I need to be sleeping. After about 40 min, I took an additional .25mg of Alprazolam and the remainder of the Carisoprodol and another 50mg of Tramadol...
Now I am concerned that I might need to be worried about the combination.
Do I need to call someone, or should I be ok to hit the sac? I have work in the morning.
The xanax quantity I am not worried about. The 350mg of Carisoprodol was my prescribed dose. We give anywhere from 100 to 300mg of Tramadol to a 120#dog. (I work as a veterinary nurse). I happen to be around 155#. But reading up, that seems to be a high dosage for people. Just got myself worried about the combo, especially with what I am currently reading about human tramadol usage.
Thank you for any input.