Hey there,

For years I have suffered from OCD, panic & anxiety disorder, and depression. About a year ago I finally decided to get help and started visiting a therapist and psychiatrist. I was in treatment for a few months before I had to move unexpectedly & had to stop going to my doctors. I know I should have called instead of quitting my meds entirely, but my social anxiety prevented me from doing so. So now it's been about 6 months since i've taken my meds, and I decided to go to a doctor close to where I live. However, I was VERY uncomfortable with the new doctor on my first visit & the wait was over an hour. I went to only one appointment and filled the prescription, but I do not want to go to the doctor I feel uncomfortable with & I havent taken his prescription. I want to go back to my old doctor even though it is about an hour drive, i'd rather feel comfortable and be with a doctor I like because the nature of a psychiatrist visit is very personal. However, I am worried that they will think I am "doctor shopping" which I am not, I just want to see a doctor I am comfortable with (my old doctor). I am also worried my old doctor will be upset with me for discontinuing my medication. Any advice or thoughts?