My birth control is Alesse, and I am a perfect user. I have never missed a pill in the many months of being on the pill, and I take it at the exact same time every day to ensure I am protected to the max. I had a tooth extraction a few weeks ago and was prescribed Amoxicillan. During the time I was on Amocicillan, my boyfriend and I had sex a few times with no other form of protection, but he pulled out when he was about to cum. For the past week I have been very tired, have had sore Breasts, lower back pain, slight stomach cramping, moodiness, and headaches. These are all the symptoms I get before my break week when my period arrives, and I just started the first day of my break week today, so I am hoping this is just symptoms of my period coming. I am worried I am pregnant although I feel if I was pregnant it would be much more obvious (the symtoms would be worse too.) Any information would be helpful! Thanks everyone!