I broke a back tooth a couple years ago and never got it treated. About a week ago I started experiencing pain that was so bad I couldn't sleep. I went and saw a dentist and they said I had a necrotic tooth. They prescribed me amoxicillin and scheduled to have the tooth removed. I foolishly skipped the last 2 days of my amoxicillin because the pain stopped. When I went for my appointment they were unable to remove the tooth because my blood pressure was too high. The following day the pain came back in greater intensity. It feels like the tooth is trying to come out of my mouth. I finished the last 2 days of my medication. And I'm rescheduled to have the tooth removed. I'm just really worried about the pain coming back and causing complications if it is an infection. Will I have to take more amoxicillin or has I messed up big time?