Ok so I'm on the 4th inactive green pill of my second pack of reclipsen. I was first on ortho tri cyclen for about two months and it made me throw up too much and I got a really bad UTI (urinary tract infection) and since i sas throwing up too much, I couldn't get my medicine down so I had to stop taking them. Then I got my period a few days later and then started reclipsen on a sunday start. Now i'm concerned I could be pregnant, I waited 7 days after starting reclipsen to have sex with my boyfriend and he finishes inside me a lot. My last period was October 10th, I skipped my next period on purpose which i would have gotten around the week of November 7th. I'm worried i'm pregnant because my boobs have been really tender and hurting for a couple weeks and I have the sypmtom of a uti with my pee burning a little but its not all the time. Should I be worried that i'm pregnant?