Okay so, I was shaving my pubic area a little less than a week ago and I cut myself mildly between my vagina and rectum (the perineum I believe?). Anyway, it did not bleed at the moment but I immediately felt pain as one would if they had nicked themselves while shaving. Over the past 5 days it has been tough to get this area to heal. I looked at it last night and there were a few red dots or breaking in the skin that felt raw. I immediately freaked out. I have no history of rashes near my vagina so this scared me. I've seen my gynecologist and gotten a culture of the sore and blood work done this morning. She wants to be sure so she tested for everything considering I've never been tested in the past. I am 24 and have been with 3 men my entire life. My most recent boyfriend, I have been with for 4 years and he has no history of STDs. Since the 'breaking in the skin' could imitate herpes, I can't keep my mind off of it and cannot stop panicking. Help!!