My boyfriend has been through alot of turmoil in his life this past yr. He sees several doctors, including a psychiatrist, psycologist and other medical doctors. One doctor has placed him on 3 different medications at the same time. Xanax bars 2 mg, seroquil and depacote for bipolar. I believe he may be abusing the medication, although he says he doesnt. He's been unemployed for a few months so its not like he has a responsibility to get up every morning and face a job. Anyhow, his mood swings and behavior is scarying me horribly. He acts as if he is drunk 24/7, slurres his words, runs into things, sleeps alot, accusses me of stealing his medication, verbally and emotionally abuses me and we fight alot to where are neighbors had to call the authorities.
He snaps at everything I say, I'm scared to even have a conversation with him. Mind you, this has never gotten this bad untill he started taking these meds. Im scared, i feel like im walking on egg shells when i'm around him. Thank god I work 10 11 hr days during the week. Since he's been this way, I have nothing but anxiety while I'm at work, i cant consentrate anymore and cant sleep. I feel I need medication to deal with this issue. Do you think if he is mixing all this medication something harmful is going to happen to him?