I was seen by ambulance officers yesterday after having symptoms of trembling/involuntary shaking of legs, minor heart pain radiating from the center of my chest out to shoulder blades, eyesight fading in and out of focus at 5-10 second intervals and increased breathing, and was found to have low blood glucose levels and administered direct glucose paste for treatment, but as I still wasn't feeling 100% afterwards asked to go to the hospital and had bloods taken and was monitored. I still showed fatigue and hunger/minor stomach pains and have been advised to see my doctor so have made an appointment for Thursday. Since this scare, I've been noticing minor changes in my body, such as a constant feeling of fatigue to the point where I almost fell asleep on public transport and had to have a nap when I got home, trouble concentrating for very long and focusing on the task at hand, feelings of minor light headedness, even when sitting down which only go away after lying down for 5mins, and a strange sensation in my throat, as if it's constantly dry even after I've had a lot of water, around 0.5L within two hours of waking.
I know I could be over reacting but these signs have got me worried, and even though I've made sure to eat proper meals since being discharged and have been watching my sugar intake, something the doctor said has me worried that I've got diabetes but not sure which one, as I, and I quote, "are slightly too old to have been born with diabetes, but are too much of a healthy weight to have type 2" as I am only 19 but weigh around 60kg. I always grew up having a lot of junk food and only in the past week have drastically stopped eating due to a lack of funds - for the two days prior to the incident I was only really having dinner as a full meal and sandwiches made of chicken, lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. I'm wondering what the likelihood is of me having either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and was hoping you could help