I am a constant worrier about these post acute withdrawal symptoms that I have. I have had them for about 3 months and lately it has seemed like I am getting some symptoms I have not gotten before like kind of feeling nauses. I did some research on these withdrawals and found out that withdrawal symptoms can peak anywhere from 3 months sober to 6 months sober. I also have read that in rare cases you can even get a heart attack or a stroke from withdrawals. Basically, my question is: since I don't think I have hit that peak yet, do I have to worry about getting those severe symptoms (heart attack,stroke,convulsions,seizures,etc.) at some point, or are those symptoms only able to occur during the initial withdrawal phase (first 10 days of being sober). I would like some feedback because I worry a lot about these symptoms and some piece of mind would go a long way. Thank you.