I have been on suboxone now for nearly a month. nearly 3 months ago i went into rehab for a month, and they put me on subutex to come of the gear. It worked, I was well happy with myself as it was the first time i managed to get clean. The whole subutex cycle was about 2 and a half weeks, they took me up to 16mg and weeined me down to 0.4mg really quickly. I was up and down like a F******g yoyo. The day after the last dose of subutex W/D started... it was horrible and it went on for ages. I never slept for the remaining 9 days in rehab, I was so restless and agitated and i was sweating through 3 t-shirts every hour. The day i got out of rehab I used heroin, I couldnt stand the sleepless nights anymore and the irritation, so I ended up puttin myself back to square one. After spending a further month on the gear i went back into treatment but it wasnt addict rehab this time.
They scripted me with suboxone and here I am today happily on 12mg. Ive come off the sick now and am back at work (Construction Manager). Everything seems so right on suboxone, I sleep, Eat, Work and socialise I dont want a lot more in life. What I am really shit scared about is the day I come off it because I remember what it was like a couple of months ago when i come off subutex. What I have noticed about suboxone is that it is not as rushy/speedy as subutex maybe this will make it slightly easier to come off... I dont know?
I mean, what really is stopping me from taking suboxone for the next 10 F*****g years. Some people take anti deppressants all their life, theres not a lot of difference.