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Which works better for getting to sleep and staying halcon or xanax?

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balbanese 5 Jan 2015

I don't believe either one will.

pamee 5 Jan 2015

From experience I believe xanax would work better for sleep. However, the two are not sleep aids, there are meds just for sleep such as ambien, lunesta etc. Also trazodone helps with sleep.

kaismama 5 Jan 2015

I've had insomnia for years, and never took either one of them for sleep. Each might help for a few days, but then they won't anymore. There are several things you can try before you start with prescription meds for sleep. Always have the same bed time, have the room completely dark and the temperature that is right for you, try a glass of milk before bed. No tv or computer for 2 hrs before bedtime. Try white noises like rain or waves. If that fails, melatonin can be used, its otc. I like the extended release form myself.

Delila 6 Jan 2015

If your doctor recommends trying one of these, personally, i would try Halcion first. This is just my opinion, but that is what i believe may be more helpful. I have used Xanax in the past, and although it was great to help my anxiety during the day, i didn't find it helpful to aid sleep. Of course everyone is different, just my experience... free discount card

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